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Jan. 20th, 2013 @ 05:21 pm Another week, another session.
Davis is waiting. It's been a long few months, getting Jenny through the stresses of this pregnancy, but she also has a feeling the tides are turning. It isn't about Jenny being happier, but about being just a little bit more stable. Jenny's looking her in the eye more, responding more, and she's even seen a smile or two. But she's treading carefully.
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Dr. Davis
Sep. 11th, 2012 @ 10:24 pm Session 8: Dr. Davis
It's never a waiting game with Jenny, although she often feels the weight of the day on her shoulders as the session approaches. Jenny is by nature one of her more exhausting clients and this twist of her pregnancy only makes things harder for her patient to heal. Where as many women were able to find joy in pregnancy, Jenny's fears only exacerbate her feelings of failure. Fear is not an emotion Jenny Shepard deals with well. So the cycles continue. She can only hope some progress has been made since the phone call, that at least she has talked to Alex.
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Dr. Davis
Aug. 20th, 2012 @ 11:28 pm Dr. Davis: Session Seven
Even therapists lose patience and Davis isn't too thrilled. Jenny had promised to schedule another session and weeks had gone by. Almost to the point of her violating some rule about her post-suicide-attempt care. Davis hadn't raised a flag simple because she knew Jenny would call if needed and adjusting to life as a pregnant woman wasn't easy. Still, it took all her clinical training to keep her emotions in tact.

Setting up as she always does, Davis waits in her usual chair. Jenny will be prompt, she knows. That alone keeps her from popping off.
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Dr. Davis
Jul. 30th, 2012 @ 07:50 pm Dr. Davis: Session Six
There's somehow a lighter feeling about this appointment, but Davis doesn't trust that feeling. Not yet. She's going off the last phone call, and the fact there hasn't been another one, but she is hoping things are getting easier for her client. Yet, in this situation, until the baby is born Jenny will be nerves until the end. The nerves are going to make it harder, and the whole situation is now much more focused on getting her mentally well sooner rather than later. Time is no longer a luxury. Jenny's mental health will affect the health of her pregnancy.
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Dr. Davis
Jul. 17th, 2012 @ 11:07 pm Session 5: Dr. Davis
She's in her usual place, but this time there is more of an air of expectancy. Today, she has no doubt what they will be discussing. No question whatsoever. So she waits for Jenny to come in. She isn't sure what Jenny's choices will have been, if anything, and she isn't sure if this will be a good thing to move her forward or set her back years in recovery.
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Dr. Davis
Jul. 9th, 2012 @ 10:21 pm [Confidential]
TO: shepard.jennifer@navy.ncis.gov
FROM: Jarvis.clayton@navy.gov
DATE: [redacted]
SUBJECT: Findings on Trent Kort

Director Shepard,

I write to inform you that our own internal investigation of your self-defense shooting of CIA Operative Trent Kort has been ruled as justifiable. While we would normally have you appear before the Office of Professional Conduct and the Shooting Review Board to hear the outcome of the investigation, your impending maternity leave leads me to send notice as such. I have also smoothed over edges with the CIA; it has been determined that Agent Kort was not operating under any clear orders from The Agency. This makes him by definition a rogue and as such, there is no accounting for his actions.

Good luck and we will eagerly await your return from leave.


Clayton Jarvis
Secretary of the US Navy
1600 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1600
(703) 697-1776
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Jul. 9th, 2012 @ 09:56 pm The Past is Still Returning
Despite his cool head, Marshall could get pissed off on a regular basis. He channeled it differently at different times – sometimes into origami, sometimes into target shooting, sometimes into nerd-dom. Tonight, he stared blankly at the internet, debating doing something stupid like activating a twitter account, so he could take to the anonymous world of text and avatars and unleash his frustrations. He did have a twitter account, but knew better than to ever mention the word “work” on his timeline. But the cop in him wouldn't let him give into basic work bitching. The cop in him knew there was more than bureaucracy at work in his current frustration. The cop knew that somewhere along the line, up the chain of command, the security of one of his witnesses was still compromised. Despite the work that was done to purge the mess of leaks that had infiltrated the security details, someone still had access to information. Someone still had the ability to keep him from doing his job. He had his suspicions as to who it was, but he didn’t dare make a single accusation without solid proof. It didn’t take much to get blackballed and he really did like his job.

Half an hour into his random contemplations that might or might not move him forward, he remembered he had an accomplice, or at least an ally, in this. Jenny Shepard had never been a fan of her assistant director and rumor had it that the current secretary of the navy was not a fan of hers. Her recent self-defense shooting against Trent Kort told him everything he needed to know about her involvement with the whole situation. Jenny Shepard was a target in some sense of a situation, something far beyond Liz Jackson’s rather huge corruption case against the Feds. There was a part of him that wanted her to take her case public and shake up the whole system. But all it would do would be to get her dead and he wanted the bastards who had hurt her to pay.

Cautiously, he opened his email program and began to type. It had to be worded carefully. Anyone could be watching.

TO: shepard.jennifer@navy.ncis.gov
FROM: mann.marshall@usms.gov
DATE: [redacted]
SUBJECT: Congratulations on your upcoming maternity leave

Director Shepard,
I do not believe I have had the opportunity to congratulate you on your upcoming maternity leave. Just a year ago, the entire federal law enforcement system was in mourning and now we can celebrate.

But, before you go on leave, there is an issue I would like to bring to your attention. It seems there is a discrepancy in a case that the Marshals Service is tied to through NCIS. We have had trouble gathering recent files and I was hoping that you could assign an agent to gather the required intelligence.

The case involves a woman who has a grievance against a team she worked with in Europe. Until the last few months, information has flowed smoothly back and forth but we fear there is now a hiccup in the system and we cannot do our job as the investigative arm of this case without clear ease of files. As you are going on leave soon, I am wondering if the aforementioned agent could assist with making the needed changes.

I do hope that further information on this case can be obtained. The truth is that much of the momentum has stalled and with new evidence brought to light there is a chance it can change.

Until we speak again, I congratulate you again on the upcoming birth of your child.

Marshall Mann, Section Chief
US Marshal’s Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pete V. Domenici United States Federal Courthouse
333 Lomas Blvd. N.W. Suite 180
Albuquerque, NM. 87102
Phone: (505)346-6400
Fax: (505)346-6417

All information in this e-mail is to be considered confidential. Unauthorized use for any purpose is prosecutable under the fullest extent of the law.
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Jul. 5th, 2012 @ 12:44 am Session 4: Dr. Davis
As with the last time, Davis is ready when Jenny walks in. This time she has more medical research backing her up and despite having the information ready to share, she doesn't plan to. Not yet. Jenny is still going to be hurting from the last time and they still have work to do.
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Dr. Davis
Jun. 27th, 2012 @ 04:24 pm Session 3: Dr. Davis
Jenny missed one session, which didn't surprise her in the least. When the emotions are ripped free and healing rather than being tucked inside, people always ran. But that she came back meant the healing was really beginning. Like with last time, Jenny is the last session of the day and her evening is clear, so if this runs long, there's no worries for either of them. So she sits and waits, making sure she is not working when Jenny arrives but instead focused on her.
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Dr. Davis
Jun. 23rd, 2012 @ 05:48 pm A misadventure in Paris (rp for on_jennys_terms)
He's sitting in the lobby when she arrives, entourage of guards behind her. Not only is she the director of NCIS, but of course, as heavily pregnant as she is, she requires an extra agent to carry her bags. The Queen of the Federal System is as arrogant as she is falsely wanting. How long can she pull this off, heavily laden and tripped up with the symptoms of ALS. But it is amusing to watch her try.

Oh, how fun to be here, in her favorite city. Here she fell in love with that partner of hers, rolling around in sweaty attics, ducking bullets fired at them from CIA issued guns. How could they not fall in love? He snorted, bored with the affair, but amused by the ability to torment her. Her devotion to Elizabeth Jackson was downright comical. Oh it was possible to have two lovers, but it was best if the lovers got along. How long until it became known that she was living two lives? Of course, he was able to control that information as well.

Sitting close enough to the check in desk to overhear her room number, Kort waited until she had disappeared into the elevators. He already had the cards he needed to get to the restricted floors. So he waited half an hour before getting up and slipping back through the service entrances. He'd found an empty locker earlier and stashed an envelope of photographs and other assorted toys he hoped he'd get to use. Torture, after all, was what he was best at.

He took the top photograph and scribbles on it Beautiful, oui? before slipping it into an envelope with the seal of the hotel. Up the stairs to the restricted floor, he mixed well with the various bodyguards mingling. His dark suit and badge meant no one questioned him.

9 hours on a plane, plus Paris traffic, it was clear Jenny was exhausted. She'd sleep for a while but wake to what seemed like a note from the hotel.

The photograph was grainy, but it only added to the darkness of the moment. He'd taken it after his first taste of Elizabeth, while Salvo had been bragging about his American whore who didn't speak the language. He'd taken it to prove Liz was awake, listening, and then held onto it for his own purposes. After all, the sheet was half down her body, and even in the dark, the marks they'd left on her were clear. But oh, they'd had so much fun with her. In the background, Salvo loomed, a large, laughing shadow. If Kort had cared, he'd have felt sorry for the fledgling agent. But she'd only been a cog in his wheel.

It was time for Jenny to learn the truth about her lover and there were more where these came from.
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