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2012 Approaches ...

Trusting Very Few ...

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And if there were two moons,
who would sleep when one
passed before the other
and took it in
on its dark side? Wouldn’t
some extra light ray out
around the sustaining one?
Wouldn’t you sense the two in one, even if you’d
never seen them parted?

From: Little Match Box by Tess Gallagher

In a world not quite of our own making, there are travelers, those who walk in silence. They stand together, side by side, those who know to trust no one other than each other. They have seen more than we would ever want to see, and hope for an innocence that shall never again be theirs.

Note: This journal serves two purposes. One is to tell Scully and Mulder's story through the eyes of these characters. The other is to act as a default character journal for stories in process. Many of these stories can and do cross over to the X Files universe which is why they are showcased here.

The Players

Fox Mulder: A former FBI agent, who found the road to his salvation in the basement of the Hoover Building. He spent a decade of his life investigating paranormal activity and was drawn into a government conspiracy that exceeded comprehension. Long since removed from the FBI, Mulder continues his research into alien and government conspiracy through writing and the constant search for a cure for his beloved partner's cancer.

Dana Scully: A former FBI agent, turned medical doctor, she is Mulder's partner in all senses of the word. At his side through all trials and tribulations, including her own unwitting involvement in a government conspiracy to create a race of alien/human hybrids, she now encourages him in less obvious manners. Much of her energy is taken up with the search for the cure for her lingering cancer.

Rita Lorenzo: Fox Mulder's cousin. She herself was an "abductee" and a child of the leaders of the original government conspiracy. A widow, she has raised a child almost completely on her own and CJ shows signs that are all too familiar. Recently, she has begun dating j_doggett.

Marshall Mann: A US Marshal who uses an alias for his own security, Marshall's connections to Mulder date back to the former agent's time on the X Files. (Also connected to the Paris to Serbia universe.)

Mary Shannon: Marshall's partner. She has only recently been drawn into the life Marshall lived before they met.

John Munch: Long time homicide and special victims unit detective. A believer. (written by kittyknighton)

Other Characters/Fandoms:

Katie Davis (NCIS: Paris to Serbia) is one of the foster girls who has spent her teenage years at Stable Graces, run by albuquerque_liz. She is devoted to her course to head to George Washington University and is thinking of returning to Albuquerque after college. She is also one of the few people who is aware of the truth of Liz Jackson's identity.

Abby Scuito (NCIS: All But One) is a brilliant and driven forensic scientist who is perhaps too devoted to dc_knight but no one thinks twice about their relationship since it's clear he misses his daughter and she is in need of a father. (Also tied to the CSI: Unexpected Miracles universe.)

Sara Sanders (CSI: CSI: Unexpected Miracles) is married to Greg Sanders. After her life in Vegas fell apart thanks to a brush with death and a serial killer, Sara and Greg fled to Boston where he now works as the supervisor of the day shift CSIs at Boston PD and Sara is working on her PhD at Harvard.

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This blog was inspired by the outstanding truthontheroad. In it, I rediscovered the power and the passion in character blogging. So, I invite you to this party.

Required Legal Stuff:
All characters, and I mean ALL, belong to their respective studios, creators, writers, etc. This journal here is for the purpose of entertainment ONLY and while I have a lot of fun writing, I don't make any money writing fic.